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The Forests of Chiltern
Turquoise Parrot by Nevil Lazarus
Not far from Albury in North West Victoria, this is a premier birdwatching area due to the high quality of the habitat. The district is on the boundary of 2 distinct bio regions - dry woodlands and wet mountain forests. More than 220 species have been recorded including the Regent Honeyeater, Swift Parrot, Turquoise Parrot and Square-tailed Kite.

White-browedWoodswallow - 1
White-browed Woodswallow by Nevil Lazarus
The picturesque historic township of Chiltern is where we will stay and enjoy the delights of the historic atmosphere. On my reconnaissance the place was crawling with birdlife! - a shower of rain the night before I entered the forests meant the puddles in the roads were alive with bathing honeyeaters, Yellow-tufted and a Red-capped Robin reflected in a pool (two Red-caps!) being the highlights. But also Painted Button-quail and White-browed Babblers were plentiful, and all that without actual time spent birdwatching. So you are in for bountiful birdwatching treat.

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Photos of Splendid Fairy-wren and Diamond Firetail by Nevil Lazarus. Header design by Participant Daphne Gonzalvez.