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Alpine Birds and Plants Trip Report

Our Dazzling Guide Dion Hobcroft/Hovercraft
A very pleasant, rather warm and humid birding excursion to the NSW high country. We enjoyed our stay at Bimblegumbie with its excellent food, comfortable rooms and excellent on site bush birding. I would like to thank Dorothy, Helen, Jack, Jan, Patricia and Viv for all making it such an enjoyable trip.

Guided by Dion Hobcroft, with help from Jules Gold.


26 Jan 06: Depart Sydney and have morning tea at the roadside stop “VC Mackie”. Continue to Namadgi National Park having lunch at Orrorall Picnic Ground. Continuing on to Adaminaby and Bimblegumbie via Jindabyne.

27 Jan 06: Early morning bird walk around Bimblegumbie before driving up to Thredbo and walking the Thredbo Creek trail from Dead Horse Gap. In the afternoon we explored Leatherbarrel Creek and Bullock’s Flat Hut via the Skitube.

28 Jan 06: Morning birdwalk at Bimblegumbie. Then we drove to Khancoban via Leatherbarrel Creek. From Khancoban we continued to Cabramurra on to Adaminaby and returned to Bimblegumbie.

29 Jan 06: Bimblegumbie to Charlotte’s Pass exploring the alpine country and the Renex Track. We dropped down the mountains stopping at the Jindabyne Surge Pipe and Thredbo Creek near Jindabyne before returning to Bimblegumbie.

30 Jan 06: Returned to Sydney making stops at Michelago, National Botanic Gardens and Belanglo State Forest.

Little Eagle by David Simpson

Emu: (2) on both 27-28 Jan near Skitube.

Stubble Quail: (1) Thredbo Creek on 27 Jan and (2) flushed plus others heard at Renex Track on 29 Jan.

Australian Wood Duck: Recorded daily
Black Swan: (2) near Belanglo on 30 Jan.
Hardhead: (1) female BullockĀ¹s Flat on 27 Jan.
Pacific Black Duck: Daily
Australasian Shoveler: (4) Khancoban WW
Grey Teal: (40) Khancoban WW
Chestnut Teal: (2) Khancoban WW

Hoary-headed Grebe: (10) Khancoban WW
Australasian Grebe: (5) Khancoban WW

Great Cormorant: (4) Tumut Dam on 28th and (1) on 29th.
Little Pied Cormorant: Recorded on three days with max. (10) Khancoban WW.

Australian Pelican: (1) Khancoban WW

White-faced Heron: Recorded on 3 days with max. (10) Khancoban WW
Nankeen Night-Heron: (3) Khancoban WW

Straw-necked Ibis: (10) near Khancoban
Australian White Ibis: Recorded on 3 days with max. (30) Khancoban WW.

Whistling Kite: (2) Khancoban WW.
Brown Goshawk: (1) at Bimblegumbie on 27th and (1) on 28th.
Little Eagle: (1) pale morph on highway near Michelago on 30th.
Wedge-tailed Eagle: (1-5) recorded daily.

Charlotte’s Pass
Brown Falcon: Up to (3) recorded on 3 days.
Nankeen Kestrel: (2-3) recorded on 4 days.

Dusky Moorhen: (2) Khancoban WW.
Purple Swamphen: (2) VC Mackie and (2) Khancoban WW
Eurasian Coot: Recorded on 4 days max. (10) at Khancoban WW.

Painted Button-Quail: A fascinating observation of a male tending a tiny recently hatched chick in Namadgi National Park on 26 Jan. Male ran off doing a broken wing display. Watched for 10 minutes.

Latham’s Snipe: (1) Thredbo Creek Trail on 27th and (8) Khancoban WW feeding and scoped in the open.

Red-kneed Dotterel: (3) Khancoban WW
Black-fronted Dotterel: (4) Khancoban WW
Masked Lapwing: Daily

Silver Gull: (20) Lake Jindabyne

*Spotted Turtle-Dove: Suburban Sydney
*Rock Pigeon: A couple in Sydney and Canberra
Crested Pigeon: Recorded on our driving days.

Gang Gang Cockatoo: Recorded daily including Namadgi National Park and on two occasions feeding on the ground on seeding grasses beside roadside in Kosciusko National Park. Also daily at Bimbelgumbie in small numbers.
Galah: Recorded on 3 days, max. (50) near Berridale on 28th.
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo: Recorded daily.

Rainbow Lorikeet: A few in suburban Sydney.
Australian King-Parrot: Recorded at Killara Station pickup.
Crimson Rosella: Recorded daily
Eastern Rosella: Recorded at Namadgi and Belanglo.
Red-rumped Parrot: (2) at Jindabyne on 28 Jan.

Fan-tailed Cuckoo: Recorded on 4 days with max. (3) Bimblegumbie
Brush Cuckoo: (2) seen well near Skitube and also heard at Bimblegumbie.
Channel-billed Cuckoo: Recorded at Killara Staion pickup in Sydney on 26 Jan.

White-throated Needletail: (3) over Belanglo on 30 Jan.

Laughing Kookaburra: Recorded on 4 days with max. (10).
Sacred Kingfisher: Recorded daily including Namadgi, Bimblegumbie and Thredbo Creek near Jindabyne.

White-throated Treecreeper: Recorded daily.
Red-browed Treecreeper: (2) at Bimblegumbie on 28 Jan.

Superb Fairy-wren: Recorded daily

Spotted Pardalote: Recorded daily
Striated Pardalote: Recorded on 4 days with max. (10) on 28 Jan.
White-browed Scrubwren: Recorded daily.
White-throated Gerygone: (1) Khancoban WW foraging and singing in River Willows.
Brown Thornbill: Recorded on 4 days.
Buff-rumped Thornbill: (10) Belanglo State Forest
Yellow-rumped Thornbill: Recorded at VC Mackie and Michelago.
Striated Thornbill: Recorded on 3 days including heard only at Bimblegumbie.

Thredbo River
Red Wattlebird: Recorded daily including with chick in nest at Namadgi on 26th.
Noisy Friarbird: Recorded Namadgi and Khancoban.
Noisy Miner: Recorded near Berridale.
Yellow-faced Honeyeater: Recorded daily with max. of (20) plus.
White-eared Honeyeater: Recorded at Thredbo, Bimblegumbie and Jindabyne Surge Tank.
Fuscous Honeyeater: Recorded only in Namadgi on 26th.
Brown-headed Honeyeater: Recorded at Bimblegumbie and lower Thredbo Creek.
White-naped Honeyeater: Recorded daily at Bimblegumbie
Eastern Spinebill: Recorded on three days at Bimblegumbie and also National Botanic Gardens.

Flame Robin: (3-5) at Bimblegumbie; also Charlotte’s Pass, Dead Horse Gap and Renex Trail. Nearly all females and juveniles. Only two coloured males seen.
Pink Robin: (3): two males and a female on Thredbo Creek about halfway between Dead Horse Gap and Thredbo on 27 Jan was a mjor highlight.
Eastern Yellow Robin: Recorded at Bimblegumbie and lower Thredbo Creek.

Golden Whistler: Recorded at Thredbo Creek on 27th.
Olive Whistler: (1) male at Dead Horse Gap on 27th; also heard on the Thredbo Creek Trail. Rufous Whistler: Recorded on 3 days with max. (4) Bimblegumbie
Grey Shrike-thrush: Recorded on 4 days with max. (4) Bimblegumbie.

Satin Flycatcher: (2) Bimblegumbie daily and a pair at lower Thredbo Creek gave great views on repeated occasions.
Willie Wagtail: Scarce; recorded at Bimblegumbie. Grey Fantail: Recorded daily.
Magpie-lark: Recorded on 3 days

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike: Present in small numbers at Bimblegumbie but scarce overall.

Olive-backed Oriole: (1) at Bimblegumbie on 27th and heard here on 28th.

Dusky Woodswallow: Recorded at Bimblegumbie daily where juveniles were seen and also beside Alpine Way between Jinadbyne and Bimblegumbie.
Australian Magpie: Recorded daily with white-backed subspecies from Namadgi south. Pied Currawong: Recorded daily with max. (20).
Grey Currawong: (2) near Cabramurra on 28 Jan and (1) National Botanic Gardens on 30th.

Australian Raven: Several around Namadgi lunch site on 26th.
Little Raven: Common in the alpine country.

White-winged Chough: (10) near Khancoban and (10) National Botanic Gardens.

Satin Flycatcher by Nevile Lazarus
Satin Bowerbird: (2) females at Namadgi lunch site on 26th.

Richard’s Pipit: Recorded daily with max. (30) in alpine country around Charlotte’s Pass.

Red-browed Finch: Recorded on 3 days including Bimblegumbie and VC Mackie.
*House Sparrow: Recorded on travel days.

*European Goldfinch: Recorded daily

Welcome Swallow: Recorded daily
Tree Martin: Recorded at VC Mackie and near Berridale.

Clamorous Reed-warbler: (1) VC Mackie and heard near Michelago.

Silvereye: Recorded daily

*Common Blackbird: Recorded Khancoban

*Common Starling: Recorded on 3 days with (10) at Thredbo on 27th.
*Common Myna: Recorded on travel days.


Platypus: (1-2) seen at lower Thredbo Creek on 29th gave great views.

Short-beaked Echidna: (1) very large seen on roadside between Adaminaby and Berridale on 28th in grazing country.

Common Brushtail Possum: (1) spotlit at Bimblegumbie on 29th

Common Ringtail Possum: (3) and (1) whilst spotlighting at Bimblegumbie on 27th and 29th Jan.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo: (1) Bimblegumbie on 26th; (4) Bullock’s Flat on 27th and (1) Alpine Way on 28th.

Fallow Deer: (1) female roadkilled near Ski Tube turnoff on 27th.


Jacky Dragon Amphibolurus muricatus: (4) on 28th including (2) at Jindabyne Surge Pipe; (1) at Park Entry Ticket Box and (1) lower Thredbo Creek.
Eastern Water Dragon Physignathus lesueurii: (2) VC Mackie on 26th and (10) National Botanic Gardens were off the Gippsland subspecies howitti.

Eastern Three-lined Skink Acritoscincus duperreyi: (5) on 27th near Thredbo.
Cunningham’s Skink Egernia cunninghami: (10) Jindabyne Surge Pipe on 28th.
Snowy Mountains Rock Skink Egernia guthega: (1) Jindabyne Surge Pipe on 28th was my first sighting of this recently described species.
Alpine Water-Skink Eulamprus kosciuskoi: (2) CharlotteĀ¹s Pass on 28th. Southern Water Skink Eulamprus tympanum: (4-10) at Leatherbarrel Creek and (2) Charlottes Pass.
Grass Sun-Skink Lampropholis guichenoti: Recorded at Bimblegumbie, Jindabyne Surge Pipe and lower Thredbo Creek.
Woodland Tussock Skink Pseudemoia entrecasteauxii: The most common alpine skink encountered.
Glossy Grass Skink Pseudemoia rawlinsoni: (2) in sedge swamps along Thredbo Creek trail between Dead Horse Gap and Thredbo on 27th.

Highlands Copperhead Austrelaps superbus: (1) Leatherbarrel Creek and (1) Kiandra on the main road; both gave great views on 28th.
White-lipped Snake Drysdalia coronoides: (1) seen fleetingly in tussock grassland along upper Thredbo Creek near Dead horse Gap on 28th.

Whistling Tree Frog Litoria verreauxii: (2) seen whilst spotlighting at Bimblegumbie on 29th.

Spotted Grass Frog Limnodynastes tasmaniensis: heard at Bimblegumbie
Common Eastern Froglet Crinia signifera: Heard at Bimblegumbie
Dendy’s Toadlet Pseudophryne dendyi: this species possibly heard at Renex Trail.

Report by Dion Hobcroft leading for Follow That Bird

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Photos of Variegated Fairy-wren and Little Tern courtesy of Neil Fifer