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Borneo with Dion Hobcroft

Canopy Walk near Orang-utans by Kay Vernon
Why would you want to go birding in Borneo? because it reads like a dream below, and so does last year’s Trip Report on this website:

Borneo is one of the richest places on Earth from a naturalist’s point of view. Its lowland rainforest, which used to cover most of the island but is rapidly being cut, is not only the oldest and among the most diverse in the world but the tallest as well – the main canopy measuring 200 feet with emergents at 277 feet! Towering above these ancient dipterocarp forests, to more than 13,000 feet, is majestic Mt. Kinabalu. Its montane forests support 70 species oaks, eucalypts, laurels, magnolias, and gymnosperms, as well as a great diversity of more tropical species. There are 25 species of rhododendrons, 80 species of figs, 500 species of ferns, and 1200 species of orchids.

Mt Kinabalu by Participant Kay Vernon
Its equatorial location, diversity of flora, and the incredible stature of its rainforest have all contributed to the terrific diversification of its fauna. From 4000+ species of moths to 140 species mammals, there is amazing diversity. There are “flying” frogs, lizards, and snakes, and there are 14 species of flying squirrels, from the five-inch Lesser Pygmy Squirrel to the three-foot Red Giant Squirrel. Big mammals include Bornean Pygmy Elephants, the Colugo or flying lemur, the agile and vocal Bornean Gibbon, the strange Proboscis Monkey and the beloved Orangutan. The birds are equally exciting, from a host of rare and little-known endemics, including the bizarre Bornean Bristlehead, the monotypic Fruit-hunter, several shy pittas, and the dazzling Whitehead’s Broadbill, to a representation of classic Asian groups. The forests ring with the cries of pheasants, partridges, serpent-eagles, hornbills, barbets, broadbills, pittas, babblers, and bulbuls, sometimes joined by the haunting hollering of primates. The diversity of birds is surpassed only in lowland Amazonia.

Bornean Elephant by Kay Vernon
The tour will focus on the northeastern state of Sabah, part of Malaysia: the Kinabatangan River, the Danum Valley, and magnificent Kinabalu National Park. We’ll have time to enjoy not only a high proportion of the almost 40 endemic birds, but a bevy of birds and other wildlife. Our accommodation in such wildness are remarkably comfortable, all with bathrooms, delicious food, delightful staff and views. Their location within some of the best birding areas makes possible afternoon breaks and optional forays by day and by night. We invite both devotees of Asian birding and those seeking an introduction to the birds of Southeast Asia to join us exploring the mysteries of Borneo.

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Contact us for a Itinerary. We are happy to discuss with you the easy access with Malaysian or Qantas Airlines to Kota Kinabalu.

$AU 8300.00 Price subject to US Dollar per person Twin Share/Double
$ AU 720.00 Single Supplement
(excludes airfares to Kota Kinabalu)

For Bookings:
Please phone Follow That Bird to check if seats are available then fill in the booking form and mail with the deposit or full payment to Follow That Bird, 3/59 Central Road, Avalon, NSW 2107. Your place on the tour is not guaranteed until we receive the payment.

Follow That Bird aims to provide a high standard of interpretive guiding on each trip to make your birdwatching holiday a special one. With small groups, attention to personal service and lots of good fun, we’re sure you will enjoy your time with us.

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Photos of Variegated Fairy-wren and Little Tern courtesy of Neil Fifer