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Capertee Valley Weekend
Diamond Firetail by David Simpson
Capertee Valley is a great place to find the endangered Regent Honeyeaters, Turquoise Parrots and Plum-headed Finches. We will still be staying in Kandos the night where the early morning walks across the golf course is a must for any bird watcher. Often there are Gang-gangs, Yellow Thornbills and a pardalote that nests in the old wooden building across the road. The rich diversity of bird life makes this valley one of the best birding spots in New South Wales.

Some of the birds we will be looking for over the weekend include the Brown Treecreeper, White-browed and Grey-crowned Babbler, the Hooded Robin, Diamond Firetail, Choughs and the Yellow-tufted Honeyeater. With a bit of luck we might even see the Regent Honeyeater, Speckled Warbler and some of the owls.

Regent Honeyeater by Nevil Lazarus
Recently a large property has been gazetted National Park and we will be returning to see the birdlife within this Park. As it is not far from the famed Port Macquarie Road where the birding has been super over the years so it promises great habitat.

The valley itself is unique and contains some unusual rock formations, one being the truly spectacular Pantoneys Crown, a huge mesa at the entrance to the Capertee Valley. As well, you have the pagoda rock formations for which the Gardens of Stone National Park is famous. During this long weekend you will find us, within the soaring sandstone cliffs and eucalypt forests; the woodlands providing a haven for birds.

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Photos of Variegated Fairy-wren and Little Tern courtesy of Neil Fifer