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Birdweek Lord Howe Island Trip Report
Group LHI 2010 by Ian Hutton
This year FTB joined Birdweek on the most beautiful island in the world, with Ian Hutton guiding over every bird, fish, rock and lagoon, an absolute encyclopedia on everything Lord Howe. And Janene Luff accompanying you from Sydney to Sydney providing lunches, and some tacky entertainment. More of which is available on the world’s latest release on LHI on YouTube below.
One of eleven World Heritage areas in Australia. Often described as the most beautiful island on earth, its twin mountains tower over the opal lagoon, enclosed by a white, surf-fringed reef. Over 85 percent of the native forest remains, seabirds breed within the settlement and the marine environment is pristine.

Black-winged Petrel
Eighteen species of landbirds breed in the Island forests, including the rare Woodhen. Fourteen species of seabirds breed around the Island, in colonies of tens of thousands. These colonies are accessible and a highlight of the week was to visit these birds close up. This included a Providence Petrel held up close and personal by Ian at Mutton Bird Point and the amazing night walk along Blinkie Beach to a Black-winged Petrel and Little Shearwater, both held by particpants Lyn and Rae.

Long-tailed Jaeger by Ian Hutton
Lord Howe is now the only known breeding ground for Providence Petrel which had arrived back to island, all 40,000 of them while we watched slack-jawed. Truly one of the great sights in the world. Fleshy-footed Shearwater breed in substantial numbers on Lord Howe, with possibly half the world’s population present. Other important species breeding within the preserve include Kermadec Petrel, Black-winged Petrel, Wedge-tailed Shearwater, Little Shearwater, White-bellied Storm Petrel, Masked Booby, Red-tailed Tropic Bird in greater concentrations than probably anywhere else in the world.

Amanda, Mark,Kathleen, Judy and
Belinda at Balls Pyramid by Ian Hutton
Several migratory wader species are regular visitors to the island, principally are Double-banded Dotterel, Eastern Golden Plover, Turnstone, Whimbrel and Bar-tailed Godwit.

Kathleen also enlightened me as to the origin of our dessert on the last night – “Vacherin” : Meringue case for dessert creams or fruit & berry mixtures (ie pav)
or Mild, soft cheeses, both from the French Menu Guide and Translator, which sounds like a fabulous book.

So there you have it and watch our “bit of fun” video/slide show made from a phone and some cheap tricks :

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Photos of Variegated Fairy-wren and Little Tern courtesy of Neil Fifer