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Norfolk Island
Norfolk’s Splendid Coastline
Surrounded by majestic Norfolk Pines, hibiscus and frangipanis the outlook for the day is enticing. The rolling South Pacific Ocean meets your eye at every turn and the flora and fauna are quite unique, with more than 40 different kinds of plants and animals that are not found anywhere else.

The National Park contains the two highest peaks Mt Bates and Pitt their slopes flanked by semi-tropical rainforest and stunning views down to rock formations and arches just off the coast. This is where the Red-fronted Parakeet is heard often and seen less often but certainly the wild ones are clinging to the outside of the captive breeding program enclosure in the Botanic Garden.

Red-fronted Parakeet
The tallest Tree Ferns in the world grown here, Phillip Island Hibiscus, Samson’s Sinew(that could carry Tarzan & Jane!) and the Norfolk Island Palms hold the surprising Long-billed White-eyes, delightful Grey Fantails and Grey Warblers.

Down on the golf course’s fifth tee crashing waves ready to eat golf balls but to our liking revealing a great vantage point for sea birding on terra firma. This walk lead to scones jam and cream the like of which I have never tasted!

Huge Morton Bay Figs hold Emerald Doves and White Terns with their pure white feathers, black eyes and black beak grace the Norfolk Pines, which are so refreshing to see in their natural environment.

Birders at Tea
Along with the birding an island so infused with history will add to the trip with a Pittcairn Dinner on the menu for a night of laughter. After the birdlist of course.

And a boat trip of 15 minutes crossing to Phillip Island is envisaged but even if the weather is not conducive then on the lee of the island a cruise along the coast and out a little in the calm water will be a joy and highlight for all. We will also be travelling here in the peak of wader season so anything can and does trun up.

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$3315.00 with single supplement (Includes airfares)
$3285.00 per person twin share/double

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Follow That Bird aims to provide a high standard of interpretive guiding on each trip to make your birdwatching holiday a special one. With small groups, attention to personal service and lots of good fun, we’re sure you will enjoy your time with us.

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Photos of Variegated Fairy-wren and Little Tern courtesy of Neil Fifer