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Christmas & Cocos Islands
Brown Boobie
Brown Booby
The Australian island territories of Christmas and Cocos Islands are remote specks of land some 300 kilometres south of Java and 1400 kilometres NW of Broome. They are a natural historians and birders paradise with a remarkable fauna and flora. Follow That Bird is pleased to be able to offer a special birding tour to these special islands that should enable us to see all of the endemic birds and much more.

On Christmas Island countless Red-footed Boobies are kept under circumspect view by piratical frigatebirds. Stunning golden White-tailed Tropicbirds sail over the forest canopy with the occasional giant, critically endangered Abbott's Booby coming into view. Tropical rainforests are alive with Island Thrush, Imperial-Pigeons, Emerald Doves and white-eyes. For any person with an appreciation of island ecology this Island is truly remarkable.

Red Crab
Christmas Island Red Crabs
Our visit to Christmas Island is timed to connect with one of the great wildlife spectacles in the world, the annual Red Crab migration that has to be seen to be believed. Christmas Island is in fact home to over 20 species of land crab (the most biodiverse location in the world for these crustaceans) and includes the Giant Robber Crab, a species that has disappeared from 90% of its original range. Also there are a bunch of special geckos and skinks and even a couple of bats that have their ranges restricted to this outpost. Recently introduced ant species threaten the wildlife of this island and now is as good a time as any to see the special wildlife inhabitants before they vanish.

Calophyllum Tree Cocos Islands
Christmas & Cocos Islands close location to Java has made it a top location for finding vagrant birds from Indonesia that have overshot the mark. While rarities are always hard to find our trip is also timed to coincide with peak rarity time and we hope with some luck to find a couple of these. Such is the attraction that many of Australia's top twitchers make an annual pilgrimage here to find that elusive rarity.

Red-tailed Tropicbird
This is also true of the Cocos Keeling Islands where we will spend 3 full days. We will be endeavouring to reach North Keeling Island, the star attraction, an uninhabited National Park island. We have a window of 3 days to take advantage of the best weather day to travel to this island, so the odds are good. The Cocos Buff-banded Rail the island's endemic species is found here and other vagrants have recently been sighted such as the Saunders Tern and Western Reef Egret, both of which have been confirmed.

Contact us for an itinerary.

$AU7470.00 per person twin share/double
(Excludes airfares, Note airfares price with Virgin Nov 2015 approx ex Sydney $AU2000.00)
$AU630.00 single supplement
Please note that this price includes : Boat Excursion to North Keeling Island
Boat to South Island on Cocos Islands, Boat to Horsborough Island, Home Island Ferries and Private Bus transport on both Christmas & Cocos Islands.

For Bookings:
Please phone Follow That Bird to check if seats are available then fill in the booking form and mail with the deposit or full payment to Follow That Bird 3/59 Central Road Avalon Beach NSW 2107. Your place on the tour is not guaranteed until we receive the payment.

Follow That Bird aims to provide a high standard of interpretive guiding on each trip to make your birdwatching holiday a special one. With small groups, attention to personal service and lots of good fun, we're sure you will enjoy your time with us.

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Photos of Splendid Fairy-wren and Diamond Firetail by Nevil Lazarus. Header design by Participant Daphne Gonzalvez.